IN-KA CONSTRUCTION was established in capital city Ankara, Turkey in 2002 by Civil Engineer Ünal ACAR as subsidiary company of ALADDİN ACAR CONSTRUCTION COMPANY. Our company, In-Ka Construction, performs engineering services, construction, contract work, heavy construction equipment rental, hand type petrol driven drilling-core machines ( Honda – Kawasaki – Stahlmann – General Power ) and the production and sales of drilling-core equipment with hundred percent of national raw material. Our company completed all formal and private businesses it undertook adequately, successfully and earlier than due time, without paying regard to profit or loss. The company has received certificates of achievement from many agencies and institutes.

The mission of our company is quality and having quality. According to us, quality is not merely a certificate, which is framed and put on the wall. Having a clean, trustworthy and strong name in business life, and maintaining and daily improving this name are the most important indicators of quality. Additionally, respect, positive interest and affection to human beings and the environment in every business performed and even in every areas of life are criteria forming quality. Our mission and purpose are sustaining and improving our quality, and being beneficial to our environment.